3 Signs Your Hyperactive Lifestyle May Actually be Harming Your Health

Many people are living a hyperactive lifestyle because they choose to get as much as they can out of every day. Some people are living a hyperactive lifestyle because they are over-obligated and can’t say no. In both cases, a hyperactive lifestyle can be a potential threat to your health. There are three signs that are telling you to slow down before your hyperactive lifestyle takes a toll on your health.

You Are Tired All The Time

If your hyperactive lifestyle is not leaving enough time to rest and you are tired all the time, that is a sign that your health is at risk. Getting the amount of sleep you need every night is essential to your health. A hyperactive lifestyle can make it difficult to unwind at night and fall into a deep sleep. If you have to rely on sleep aids (over-the-counter or prescription medication) to fall asleep, it may be that you are doing too much during the day.

Feeling tired all the time, even when you are getting enough sleep, is an indicator that something is wrong. Feeling tired all the time can be an early indicator of an oncoming illness or other health concern. Slow down a bit and see if it helps.

Headaches, Backaches, and Other Body Pains

Sometimes we get so busy that we do not notice that something is happening to our body. A hyperactive lifestyle is crammed full of things like to-do lists, obligations, and moving from one task to the next. It leaves little time to listen to your body. For example, a fever can be an elevated temperature between 100.4-104. If your life is on the go all the time, you may never notice that you are running a fever at 100.4 and not start taking care of yourself until you’ve already reached this height.

Body aches, headaches, and backaches can all be a sign that you are overdoing it. Pain is a symptom. It is the way your body communicates a problem. Lifting a 10 kilogram box, put about 180 kilograms of force on your spine. Move the wrong way and your back can be screaming at you for days. Your hyperactive lifestyle may prevent you from noticing the initial pain. As you keep moving, you can make the problem worse.

Sometimes you have done nothing to strain your back, and yet, your back and shoulders ache. That can be a sign that you are overstressed. As you tense up from stress, the muscles in your shoulders and back tighten and cause pain when you move. Slow down and try to pinpoint why these areas ache.

You Are Forgetful

Have you ever woken up uncertain of what day it is? Do you forget where you put things often? That can be a sign of stress from a hyperactive lifestyle. We all have moments where we lose track of what we are doing, but it should not happen consistently. A hyperactive lifestyle can be very taxing on your emotional health and can cause you to forget important dates, events, and deadlines.

For example, if you are injured at work, you must report the injury within 20 days. If you miss the deadline, you risk claiming coverage. When you are under any type of stressful situation, your body releases stress hormones that can be detrimental to your health in large doses. You may be harming your health with your hyperactive lifestyle and never even realize it until the damage is done.

Being able to recognize the signs that your health is not in the best condition is important. If you are experiencing any of the signs above, slow down, visit your healthcare provider, and get checked out.