4 Tips for Parents to Get Though Major Home Renovations This Year


As a parent, you may be eager to go ahead with home improvement but shy away from doing so for several reasons. The main ones among these are probably the responsibilities of parenthood and budget restrictions. Have a look at the four tips below to help you get the renovations that you need to do, done comfortably and satisfactorily.

1. Get Help With the Kids

You may have put up with a half-done project for longer than you wanted to and still don’t see an end in sight. This is especially true for parents who have young children who are at home throughout. They would be a part of many other children, given that in 2015, among the three to five-year-olds enrolled in preschool programs, 51% of them were in full-day programs. You could enlist the help of a part-time sitter to watch them while you get the job done. This could leave your hands free for a longer time and allow you to focus more on the project. Ultimately, this means the upgrades can be finished faster and with less of a strain on you.

2. Set a Budget

Next, set a budget with which to work so that you don’t break the bank. Save up for the project you want to do and set this money aside. Do your best not to blow this budget but stick to it without affecting the quality of the job you do. Remember that cutting corners in terms of quality will only force you to redo the project and therefore spend more money than you needed to spend in the first place. Keep this in mind and do a good job so that you can be gratified with the results that you get.

3. Plan Before You Start

If you plan for your project before you begin, it may be easier for you to get it done and do so in good time and within budget. Planning in advance allows you to do research on the pricing to expect as well as the potential places to shop for deals. You will also have time to speak with professionals who can help you find the best way to do a project and help you with other suggestions. About 61% of renovated kitchens have an island while a third or 33% of homeowners add one if they didn’t already have it. A further 22% upgrade their existing island while 5% keep it as it is, and this is an example of the decisions that may be easier for you to make if you take time beforehand and consult with a professional.

4. Call Professionals to Do the Job

Once you identify the projects that you want to work on, engage with experts to do them. This can save you a substantial amount of time and money that you would have spent on guesswork. You will also avoid going through the potential cost of buying tools that you may end up only using once as you are not in a trade that could make continuous use of them. For something like your chimney, note that if it’s giving off a funny smell, it may be as a result of creosote building up along the walls. A professional chimney cleanup can help you get your chimney in great shape safely and fast, while commercial chimney deodorant could come in very handy.

These tips should make it easier for you to work on major home improvements as a busy parent. You will enjoy living in a more comfortable and functionally aesthetic home when you take the time to get the projects done.