4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding at Home

Planning a wedding may be something that many people hope to get the chance to do at some point in their lives. While it may not be all charm and roses, it can be a fun experience, especially if there’s an amazing outcome to follow. That said, have a look at four tips that can prove helpful to you if you want to plan the perfect outdoor wedding at home.

1. Consider Your Guest List

The first thing that you need to do while planning the perfect outdoor wedding is to think about your guest list. With 35% of weddings currently being outdoor events, there’s a good chance that your guests will already be familiar with outdoor weddings. As such, they may welcome a dress code that aims to keep them safe from the extremes of weather and ensure that they have a comfortable time. Have a look at the weather forecast to have a chance of planning an event that won’t be negatively affected by changes in the weather. Even if it’s sunny, it’s a good idea to have a tent for backup shelter in case the weather takes an unexpected turn.

2. Plan for the Right Decor

An outdoor wedding is an amazing opportunity to leverage the natural landscape of your home. If you have features that could be worked into the decor, such as planters and more, make good use of them. If you’re among the 81% of Americans who have a lawn, according to Business Wire, you may have an advantage if it’s currently in a beautiful state. This is because it may take a bit less work to improve it for the wedding. Pick a theme that allows you to make the most of what you currently have so you don’t buy a lot of items that you may not use after the event. Whatever you decide to do, remember that a wedding held at home is bound to be a lot more personal and warm.

3. Hire Enough Seats and Amenities

If your home is large enough to host a large crowd comfortably, then you may not have to hire many services. Otherwise, you stand to benefit from hiring things like portable restrooms and garbage disposal. This is going to improve the ease with which your guests can stay comfortable and you’ll also keep your home a bit more private. Since there may not be a need for anyone to get inside the house, the wedding doesn’t have to feel invasive. That said, make sure that your home’s lawn is in perfect shape so that it provides a welcoming canvas to add whatever you may need. Note that Americans who enlisted the services of a lawn and landscaping professional in the last year included weed control and prevention at 42%, lawn pest control at 46%, mowing at 50%, and tree care at 51%.

4. Find Out Your Neighborhood Laws

Don’t forget to find out the laws that govern your home’s neighborhood before you start making final plans. This is because there may be noise limits or parking constraints that could affect the quality of your event. That said, it’s neighborly to at least talk to your neighbors and let them know about your plans, even if there aren’t laws that are in place. This can help save you from destroying the relationship that you have with your neighbors as they’ll see you as a considerate individual. If you need to get any permits from your local authorities, plan to get them in good time.

Use these four tips to help you plan the perfect outdoor wedding at home. You can be sure that it will be that much warmer and special when there aren’t last-minute rushes and unprecedented events that you must attend to during the wedding.