4 Upgrades to Consider This Season

After a while, your home can start to feel dull. Or maybe the repairs might be building up to the point that they need to be addressed. Upgrades can make your house feel like a more comfortable place to be. If you’re considering making some upgrades around the house this season, here are some that you should consider.

1. A New Roof

A new roof is a major investment. However, it protects your property and increases the value of your home. If your current roof is coming up at the end of its lifespan, consider a new one. Take some time to plan ahead, since you don’t want to make any mistakes. If you’ve been considering a new material, now is a good time to look into it. Metal roofs, like those made with aluminum or tin shingles, can last for fifty years or more. Meanwhile, metal roofs made with zinc or copper can last up to a hundred years. This could be a great investment to consider if you’ve never had a metal roof before. So, if it is time to put on a new roof, look into all of your options before making a decision.

2. Finish Your Basement

If your basement is unfinished, you could add more living space to your home by finishing it. Consider what kinds of space you need. It could be an office, bedroom, or more recreational space for you and your family. Finishing your basement will not only provide this for you, but it will also increase the value of your home if you decide to sell it someday. So take a look at your existing basement and consider the ways you can improve it in order to upgrade your home.

3. Replace Your Water Heater

Replacing your water heater might not be the most exciting idea for an upgrade, but it is an essential one. Water heaters last an average of eight to twelve years. When that time ends, you’ll want to get a new one before the old one breaks. However, while this might not be as dramatic as other upgrade possibilities, it will improve your life significantly. A new water heater will save you money while also providing more hot water for your baths and showers. You’ll feel better, you’ll have less risk of your current water heater causing damage to your home, and it’ll be a step toward other bathroom improvements if you want to make them.

4. Clear Out the Garage

If you’re looking for a simple upgrade, clearing out your garage only requires you to put in some time and effort. You might not even need to buy anything new in order to accomplish it. According to a New York Metropolitan Transportation Council Survey, only 13% of households with a garage parked there. Whether you park in your garage or not, it is a valuable space that you could put to use. Many people end up storing things out there and it often becomes a mess. Consider how you could use your garage. You might park your car in there to keep it protected. Or you might use it for more organized storage or recreation space. In order to do this, you’ll need to clean it out. Once this is done, you’ll have less clutter and more space to use.

If you want to make some upgrades to your home this season, there are options that fit any need and budget. Take some time to consider what needs to be done at your house, then decide which project is a good fit. These suggestions can get you started as you consider what you want to tackle this season.