5 Basement Remodel Upgrades for 2023

Remodeling your basement is one of the best ways to improve your home’s value. You also stand to get more room for things like crafting, playing, and even entertainment. That said, there are specific remodeling upgrades that will make it easier for you to get a basement worth talking about. Read on to see five of them so you have a good idea of what to do as you take on your basement remodel project.

1. Add a Subfloor

With a subfloor, you’ll have an easier time insulating your basement and keeping it warm during colder seasons. You could get a ready-to-use engineered subfloor product that’s going to be easy to install and functional if done right. Keep in mind that a residential post-tensioned concrete slab is typically eight inches thick and uses 3000 psi concrete.

2. Improve Air Circulation

Air circulation in your basement is important if you want to minimize the risk of mold and mildew developing. That said, try to add ventilation or install dehumidifiers in the basement. Get the help of an expert if you want to make sure that you get the right balance. Ensure that you don’t compromise the basement’s waterproofing, which is another project that you should take on in order to fully secure your basement.

3. Water-Proof It

As mentioned, waterproofing the basement is important to do if you want to make it a comfortable, livable space. When you make your basement waterproof, you can add appliances and furniture to it without the fear that they might get damaged by water over time. Note that 98% of basements experience some kind of water damage or other. Take steps to secure your own basement from this risk, including using the right materials and techniques so that your remodel is worth the time and money you put into it.

4. Add Furniture

It’s important for you to add furniture to your basement if you want to make the space livable and comfortable. The furniture that you add will depend on the specific use that you want to put in your basement. For instance, if you want it to be a playing area for your kids, you could add more mats and storage than actual seats and tables. For the ultimate entertainment area, you should have comfortable seating, a television, or even a full home theater. This is why you need to think about how you want to use your basement before you start working on any upgrade. This knowledge will guide you in the direction in which to go and make it easier for you to get the best outcome the first time around.

5. Add Some Color

Finally, consider adding some color to your basement so you can bring it to life. Once more, the specifics of the colors you settle on will depend on your theme and the specific way in which you want to use your basement. Rather than make it all-around colorful, you could simply add an accent wall or even add color to the decor you choose. This last option will make it easier for you to change things when you want to, so keep this in mind. If you have a tankless water heater system in your basement, you could hide it behind a big and bold piece of art that will essentially serve two functions at once. Most tankless water heaters have a lifespan of over 20 years, and this is enough time to make more solid and long-lasting plans as far as your remodeling goes.

You can put these basement remodeling ideas to use in 2023. You’ll set your home apart by giving it a new, functional space and increasing its value at the same time. Don’t wait, start your remodel today.