5 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer to Transform your Space

Interior designers are some of the most valuable professionals for homeowners! They are responsible for conducting total home makeovers, while also helping with certain architectural designs within the home. Everything from lighting, to certain plumbing and electrical installation, and even appliances all have to go through the watchful eye of a home interior designer. Below are some of the many reasons why having a professional interior designer transform your home is essential.

1. Use Professional Guidance

Interior design involves much more than simply picking out decor to help improve the look of a home. Specialized interior design industries are expected to rise at a rate of about 20% over the next 10 years! While art decor and furniture design are key components of interior design, it isn’t the only thing professional interior designers study. Most home interior designers must pass rigorous tests to prove their skills in color combination theory, lighting, building codes, plumbing, and everything in between. If you want to transform your space, an interior designer can help do so with years of experience under their belt.

2. Improve your Home’s Value

Even the most simple improvements can help improve your home’s value. For instance, adding a sunroom to your home can lead to a 49% return on investment, or ROI. This means you can increase your home’s value by around half the cost of the addition. However, not many people know how to add a sunroom on their own, or how to do so without the help of an interior designer. An interior designer can help improve your home’s value by keeping you up to date with market trends, as well as understanding what it is most home buyers are looking for. Your interior designer should also have knowledge of these real estate trends, which can help provide value to your home.

3. Improve Peace of Mind

Studies have shown that people with cluttered spaces tend to have a very limited quality of life. This is because clutter leads to an inability to concentrate and focus. On the contrary, having a space that is organized can help boost focus and calm. Certain colors, such as blue, are also proven to help improve focus and lead to calm.

If you feel your space isn’t doing enough to help you study, or you feel anxious, it might be time to hire an interior designer. Your interior designer can help create a space that is warm and inviting, where you feel welcome and can work your best! Even something as simple as adding greenery in the right place has been proven to invoke a sense of calm. There are various plants and flowers to choose from, such as the Madonna lily which is always white with yellow stamens. It is one of the oldest lilies, dating 3,000 years back. Your interior designer will help you find the best plants and decor for your home to create serenity.

4. Maximize Space

More and more people are living in apartments or environments that are simply too small for them but are the only option within their price range. If you want to maximize your space, an interior designer can help do so by finding space-saving furniture, using techniques to help improve functionality, and creating designs that help prevent clutter!

There are truly endless uses for an expert interior designer. Whether you want to improve the value of your home, find peace of mind, or create a space that is small but mighty, make sure to hire an interior designer that is trained and wants to help you create the home of your dreams.