5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Your Phone While Driving

Safe driving is a result of a collection of conscious efforts, and one of the main efforts is avoiding using your phone while you drive. Outlined below are five reasons why you need to avoid using your phone while driving at all costs and how you will be safer from doing so.

1. Hands-Free Technology is an Option

Technology has come a long way in the last few years, and while hands-free technology is not new, it has become easier to access and is more intuitive. This means that whatever your price point or expectations, you can find something that will work for you. Ask friends and family what they use, if anything, so you will have a few options to compare. With this, there’s no reason at all why you would need to physically handle your phone while you’re driving.

2. It’s Against the Law

While different states have different laws for road use, all of them will have some degree of legal repercussions for people who use their phones while driving. For instance, in 2019, traffic offenses formed around 17.4% of all the misdemeanor arrests that were made statewide, according to the California Department of Justice. Whether you will be fined a hefty sum or given a ticket, it may end up leaving a dent in your records that you will have a hard time dealing with in the future.

3. Your Insurance Rate Can Get Hiked

Another negative effect that using your phone while you drive can have on your life is that it can cause you to be charged a higher amount for your insurance premiums. This is bad news when you consider facts like you may need to pay between $200 and $300 to replace your windshield without insurance. You will also need to consider other replacements like airbag replacement costs. If you receive a citation for texting while you drive and your insurance company finds out about it, they will term you as a risk and hike your premiums. Some insurance providers may even drop you all together and you will end up having to shop for a different cover.

4. You Risk Damaging Property

When you drive while using your phone, you’re a lot more distracted and so you are more likely to cause an accident. Hitting other cars, people’s property, and, in the worst-case scenario, other road users are all potential outcomes of driving while you use your phone. None of this is worth it and you will be better off staying safe and keeping the road safe for other road users as well by focusing on driving. If at all there’s something that you have to respond to on the phone immediately, you can simply park your car and finish with the phone, then get back on the road fully attentive.

5. It’s Generally Unsafe

Using your phone while driving is a major cause of road accidents, both major and minor ones. Keep this in mind whenever you get behind the wheel and either put your phone on silent to keep all distracting notifications silent. When you’re not constantly listening to your phone ring and other notifications chime in on your phone, you won’t be under pressure to pick it up and go over it. Try this and you may enjoy more focused driving, which will help you stay safer on the roads along with any passengers you may be transporting. If you’re one of the 48% of consumers who start mobile research with a search engine, keep in mind that you can complete your search elsewhere at any time, so there’s no reason you need to do it while driving.

Maintain safe driving by avoiding using your phone, because there are many consequences that come along with doing so that can be fatal for you and other drivers on the road.