5 Things to Learn About the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a big business. The automotive industry is responsible for employment for a lot of people that have different types of jobs. For example, there were about 138,900 people that are sheet metal workers in 2016 in the United States. Many of them worked in the auto industry. What else do you need to know about the automotive industry business? Here are five things everyone should know about the automotive industry.

Henry Ford Was a Major Player In Starting the Automotive Industry

Henry Ford is accredited with many things that he did not really do, like inventing the automobile. He did not invent the automobile, but he did invent the automobile industry. He applied business practices to the automotive industry, which has split over into many other industries. He can be accredited with inventing the “manufacturing of automobiles on a mass scale”.

Henry Ford can also be credited with the five-day work week. He wanted the employees in his business to be happy and productive and he felt the way to do that was by treating his employees well. He paid his workers more than any other company at the time, and his manufacturing process was state of the art for the time.

The Automotive Industry Has an Effect on Every Other Industry

About 12 million trucks, locomotives, and rail cars are responsible for transporting all of our goods from location to location. Without the automotive industry, we would not have trucks to move everything around. The automotive industry makes every other industry work. How would raw supplies get to a manufacturing business if it was not for the automotive industry?

The automotive industry employs directly or indirectly 9.9 million people for 5.1% of the private employment sector, according to the Department of Labor. When you think of the automotive industry employee base you likely think of blue-collar workers, but the employment is at all levels.

Brandon Gaille, reports that the consulting industry is accountable for 2 million jobs in the United States. Many of those consulting jobs are within the automotive industry. The automotive industry is an important part of employment in the United States.

Germany Is the Country With the Most Automotive Exports In the World

The German automotive industry exports more cars than any other country. The German engineering business is a big business. Mercedes, Volkswagen, and BMW are all German automotive brands that are very popular worldwide.

Japan is the second largest exporter of vehicles in the global automotive industry. If you thought that the United States was high on the list, you would be incorrect. The U.S. is not in the top three on the global export list when it comes to motor vehicles. The export business is just not that great in the U.S. for cars. However, the United States exports more car parts than any other country in the world.

The United States is a leader in exporting catalytic converters, engines, and body trim. While the American car companies do not export whole cars, they do in fact export a lot of car parts. That side of the automotive business is booming.

The Automotive Industry Gives Back

The automotive business gives back to the community on a big scale. According to the UAW, the automotive industry makes it their business to donate to community causes. In 2019, the automotive industry donated $9 billion to various causes including animal causes, veteran causes, and more.

The automotive industry is an important part of the economy. It generates billions of dollars in revenue for a wide range of large and small businesses. The automotive industry is a big business, but it also gives a lot of small business owners opportunities. They even have special programs to encourage small business competition.

There are some fascinating facts about the automotive industry that most people are not aware of. Learning more about the history and the workings of the automotive industry can be chockful of surprises.