5 Updates Your Rental Home Must Have

Everyone has a different personality and a unique taste. Just because you’re living in a rented space doesn’t mean that you can’t let your imagination run wild. Here are five easy updates you can include in your rental home and make it a space you love being in.

1. The Walls

A home’s walls make a big statement because they provide a backdrop for everything else in the house. For this reason, you could consider painting them if they’re in a color that you don’t really like. If it’s a textured finish that you feel you’ll have a hard time living with, you could fix it with some wallpaper or fabric. Simply glue, tape or staple it to the walls and you can remove it easily when you move. You can even find a way to create a pattern on the walls using washi tape if you’re creative since this is an affordable option. Hang up some art to liven the space up and you will enjoy living in what will become an amazing new space.

2. The Shower

You don’t have to demolish the shower and do expensive construction to improve it. You can get an improved shower by simply changing the showerhead to a more efficient one that will help you conserve water and energy. You could also add a peelable backsplash to your shower area to liven it up or cover worn and unattractive finishes so it matches the rest of the space. Finally, if you need more storage space inside it, you can buy stackable drawers or a shelf that you can dismantle and assemble easily. This will provide you with storage options and also enable you to make the space more functional for your use.

3. The Lighting

Lighting is another thing to easily improve in a rental space, at least the artificial one. Get energy-saving LED bulbs at the wattage that you want for each room so that you’re comfortable when you turn the bulbs on. If possible, get some gorgeous lampshades that will serve a decorative function while helping tone down brighter lights. If you’re one of the 34.4% of renters who are aged under 35 years, you likely want to live in a space that you will enjoy being in for the entire time you’re there.

4. The Kitchen Cabinets

Since the kitchen is such a popular space in the house, you should also upgrade it in your rental home. There are many options for upgrades you can do in the kitchen, and one of these is the cabinets. Since the average kitchen, according to Better Homes & Gardens, has around 30 cabinets in it, you can start with them. Simply changing their handles is enough to give them an amazing new look. You could also paint them in a color that matches the rest of your house. Just remember to keep the ones you remove in a safe space so that you can return them when you move out.

5. The Window Treatments

Finally, the windows in your rental home can also be improved by getting good window treatments for them. From bamboo to aluminum, there are many options you can settle on to get results that match the rest of your house. Also, note that the heat gained and lost through the windows is responsible for between 25% to 30% of a residential space’s use of heating and cooling energy. Shop for curtains and drapes that will serve a functional and aesthetic role at the same time and you will have improved your space in a temporary way.

These were just a handful of updates you can add to your rental home. Whether you’re staying in the home or renting it out to others, make it a place that’s enjoyable to be in!