5 Ways to Reduce Your Home’s Energy Use

It’s every homeowner’s need to reduce their home’s energy use, whether it’s in a bid to live a more sustainable life or pay less for energy. This is an important factor for most Americans, given that every 20 years, energy use in the United States is doubling. Whether it’s one or both of these that have inspired you to reduce your energy use at home, read on. Outlined are five ways in which you can reduce your home’s energy use.

1. Get the Right Window Treatments

The windows of your house can make a difference in how much energy you conserve in your home. For instance, most conventional draperies, when drawn, can reduce heat loss in a warm room by an amazing 10%. Bearing this in mind, you can get the right window treatments and close them and open them at the right times to take full advantage of them. Heavier and high-quality ones may cost you a tiny sum up front, but they will pay for themselves over time if you use them the right way.

2. Change Your Lights

If you still have old lights in your home, you should change them to light-emitting diode lights instead. These need less energy to power on and maintain, also lasting for a much longer time than regular lights. This means that they will consume less energy than usual and you will therefore have a lower electrical bill as far as lighting is concerned. The fact that you don’t have to replace them as often as traditional bulbs is a definite plus and a direct saving you stand to make. Finally, they emit very little heat and will be the best option you can get for the environment.

3. Get Efficient Bathroom Fixtures

Another area in your home in which you can apply energy savings is your bathroom. Start by changing the shower to an energy-efficient one which will save both the water spent and the energy used to heat the water up. Also, shop for a low-flow toilet that will use less water and, as a plus, be a lot more accessible for people with mobility issues. Since the bathroom is a space that’s used often, you will soon see the results of your efforts and so will everyone else in the family.

4. Maintain Your Appliances

Appliances that are in a good state function a lot better and at optimal levels. This makes it important to maintain all your appliances and have them serviced on a regular basis. The cost it takes to pay a technician for routine servicing will be realized when you pay less money to keep them running. For example, if you upgrade your HVAC unit, you can improve your energy usage by 10% for gas and a whopping 50% for electricity. They will also have a lower likelihood of breaking down, and this will see you save money you would have potentially spent on getting replacements or making extensive fixes to them.

5. Switch to Green Power

Finally, it’s a good idea to look into green sources of energy, including wind, solar, and water. This minimizes your reliance on coal and other fuels that not only leave a large carbon footprint on the environment, but that also cost a lot to get. Do research to find out the best and most readily-available option you have for power in your area, as different places will have different features. Once you know, you can save up to get your home on a greener energy source and enjoy paying less for conventional energy.

Make use of these five tips to find a way of cutting back on your home’s energy costs. You will be happy when you make a change that gives you amazing results in the long run.