7 Easy Methods to Improve Your Curbside Appeal in 2023

Just like a book’s cover, your home’s facade serves as the backdrop for everything within. Whether you plan to sell or just want to revamp it for your enjoyment, improving the curb appeal is a quick and affordable way of refreshing your home. Here are 7 easy ways of improving your home’s curb appeal.

1. Revamp Your Home’s Entryway

You don’t have to give your home’s entire exterior a fresh coat of paint to improve your curbside appeal. Your front door sets the tone for the rest of the home. However, it’s often a catch-all for handprints, dust, and dirt. Consider repainting it to revamp your entryway. You can also opt to buy a new one. A new front door in a style that complements the home’s era can significantly improve your curb appeal. If you want to make your home stand out, consider having a rustic door installed. According to Home Stratosphere, just 3.7% of homes have a rustic entryway, so you can be sure yours will turn heads.

2. Keep Up With Lawn Care

A lawn greatly enhances your home’s curb appeal. Keep up with lawn care by pulling weeds, raking leaves, and mowing the grass. Water it consistently to prevent brown spots. Keeping up with lawn care is the only way to ensure it doesn’t become a huge undertaking. If you have trees on your lawn that seem to be getting out of hand, consider tree removal, and there are many such service providers on the market. In 2022, for instance, there were 127,298 tree removal businesses operating in the United States, according to IBIS. This can be attributed to the increasing demand for tree removal services and homeowners becoming more aware of the benefits.

If your lawn features grass alternatives such as a dry creek bed or drought-resistant stone and gravel, add succulents, cactus, or monkey grass for a splash of color and vitality. Likewise, mixing large and small planters filled with herbs, flowers, and other greens will give your lawn an extra oomph.

3. Pressure Wash Your Driveway

Unlike asphalt, seashell, or brick materials, the average concrete driveway lasts anywhere from 25 to 50 years before needing replacement. However, you can only achieve this with regular maintenance. If your concrete driveway doesn’t have extensive damage, have it pressure washed by a professional to revamp it. In addition to improving your home’s curb appeal, a clean driveway instantly increases your property’s value.

4. Embrace Symmetry

Symmetrical designs make for visually appealing focal points and give your home a more polished appearance. One way of approaching this design concept is by adding matching wall planters or lanterns on either side of the front door. Do the same around your garage door if you don’t have adequate room in your entryway.

5. Revamp Your Mailbox

Replace an old mailbox with a modern one. It’s a simple job, but it can improve your home’s curb appeal subtly, yet noticeably. A new mailbox will cost you between $50 and $200 depending on your preferred style (either a standing mailbox or one that’s affixed to the wall).

6. Cover Up Electrical Fixtures

A front-of-the-house electrical box really sticks out, but not in a good way. Fortunately, a fresh coat of paint can disguise the fixture, so it blends in rather than stand out. Pick a color that matches the siding of your home.

7. Use Outdoor Furniture Wisely

Too much outdoor furniture will make your home look cluttered, while too little will make it look neglected. Try to strike a balance and always make sure all outdoor furniture is clean and in good condition. If you have a tiny yard, consider installing basic ceramic stools for seating. To add even more elegance, place a small table with a lovely planter on top.

Most likely, your home already has beautiful features and only needs a few finishing touches to realize its full potential. If you prioritize these tasks, you’ll have curb appeal that adds an edge to your home. How about giving it a try this weekend?