Moving Tips Anyone Can Follow

Moving can be an exciting time for you and your family or the most stressful event. It would help if you leveraged a thoughtful plan using strategic planning to ensure success. Below is a list of moving tips anyone can follow.

Start Early

You can start packing weeks or months in advance, even if unsure of the final destination. You must pack the right clothing to account for any climate. Moving can be a stressful experience, but you can alleviate the stress by planning the move as early as possible. Begin the preparations a few weeks before the moving day to ensure you have ample time to sort out what you need and what you don’t for your new home.

Discard Unwanted Items

Downsizing your belongings beforehand is highly recommended during a move. Decluttering items during a move makes sorting things more manageable, and you can sell or donate those items you don’t need. You can use your outdoor space to pack unwanted items before deciding what to do with them. More than 40% of US homeowners in 2017 utilized their outdoor space for entertainment. Removing unwanted items makes it easier to pack and unpack your belongings on the moving truck. Moving is an excellent time to donate or rehome smaller items and large furniture that may fail to fit into the new home.

Create an Inventory List

A packing inventory list is crucial when unloading your boxes from the moving truck. Properly labeled boxes make it easy to find what you need, eliminating stress and saving time on those essential days as you settle in your new place. Assign prepped individual items and each packed box a number using a thick painter’s tape to locate the package quickly. Write a solid but brief description of items in each box followed by a corresponding number to ensure you have an easy time when unloading items from the moving truck.

Invest in Equipment

Organize supplies a few days before moving to minimize the stress associated with an unplanned move. You must purchase adhesive bandages, box cutters, packing tape, garbage bags, and paper towels. You can rent moving tools from the moving company for larger equipment or consider purchasing these tools if you move frequently. According to IBIS, the worth of the US moving industry is $18 billion currently. Whether renting, buying, or borrowing, ensure you have furniture pads or covers, furniture dolly, rope, or tie-down straps during the move.

Get Your Wardrobe in Order

There are multiple options for packing clothes when moving, and you can pack your folded clothes in suitcases or cardboard boxes or leave them in the dresser. Use a special box for hanging clothes to ensure they fit in perfectly. Protect your shoes from each other when packing by wrapping them individually to minimize dirt and damage. You may consider packing your socks inside the shoes to enable them to maintain their shape. You can string your necklaces through toilet paper rolls or straws to ensure they are not tangled.

Reuse Original Boxes for Appliances and Electronics

Home appliances, including the blender, TV, and most electronics, are delivered in cardboard boxes. You can reuse your old boxes as storage for your items when moving. Reusing the boxes saves you money and ensures your items fit perfectly in the boxes. You can visit a local recycling drop-off point to collect cardboard boxes tossed by neighbors. You can also visit liquor stores or bookstores to collect moving boxes to facilitate the storage of your items.

Choose a Mid-Month Move Date

Opt for a mid-week or mid-month date for your move. The demand for moving is higher on weekends, and the moving truck and company rental rates are lower on weekdays. The rates are also lower in the middle of each month compared to the last and first weekends. When hiring a moving company, you must take photos of valuable and fragile items to act as evidence when filing a claim if the mover damages or breaks them.

Ensure the Moving Truck Has a Parking Spot

Secure a parking spot for the moving truck in advance. It allows the packing process to run smoothly and minimizes the hassle of obtaining a parking ticket. If your movers can’t secure a parking spot on time, you will have to pay more for the delays. According to, at least 57% of homeowners in the US use their yards for recreation each month. You can use your yard as a parking space to facilitate the packing of items.

Hire a reliable moving company to ensure the moving day is a success. Work with an insured and licensed mover to ensure your goods are safe and have peace of mind.