Top 5 Beauty Trends of 2022

Beauty trends come and go, and in this digital age, the trends spread fast as a result of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Read on to see some of the most popular ones this year and get some inspiration on the ones to try out and improve your beauty regimen.

1. Sustainability

As more people start to see the benefits of playing an active role to conserve the environment, it has become more people’s priority to practice sustainability in all areas of their lives. This includes beauty and wellness, so you can expect to find more people looking into sustainably sourced, produced, and packaged beauty treatments. These will keep showing up in more people’s search results, so it’s not a trend that is going away any time soon. From lipstick and eyeliner to perfume, you will come across more brands that are prioritizing eco-friendly packaging as well. Some brands are even encouraging users to mail back their used containers for recycling, and this is a trend that more people should take up.

2. Tech-Aided Fat-Loss

As technology evolves, it touches every part of our lives, including the beauty industry. This means that you can expect to see more of things like UltraSlimĀ®. It uses a special type of light that’s patented to stimulate fat cells. On average, people used it to lose 1,580cc of fat in a mere 32 minutes. Such results are definitely bound to spark interest on a large scale because people have come to expect efficiency and products that don’t take a lot of time to do what they promise to do.

3. DIY Beauty

As a result of the pandemic and ensuing lock downs, this is one beauty trend that was ushered naturally. For most people, just because they had to stay indoors didn’t take away their need to look good. This is why DIY beauty treatments and routines that would have otherwise called for a trip to the nearest pharmacy or specialist grew in popularity. Their appeal lies in the fact that you can initiate a big change all from the comfort of your home. This includes buying tools and equipment that you can use on your own at home like teeth whitening treatments and laser machines for hair removal and even other treatments like nail art.

With DIY beauty becoming so popular, more and more women are starting to do their own nails at home. Going to a salon is nice, but why not save money and create your own nail art? You’re probably thinking acrylic or regular polish just never looks good when you do it yourself. While this may be true, those are not the only options you have. This is because there is a new way to paint nails and it’s called gel pods. With these pods, the design potential is endless and you have tons of colors to choose from. They even come in a kit so you’re not bound to just one color! With each kit, comes a different color palette. If you’re unsure what colors you’re looking for, don’t worry. These pods come in 18 colors so you can mix and match any color you choose when doing your nails. Saving money and giving your nails a pop of color has never been so easy with gel nail polish pods. Your nails will be so vibrant that people will be wondering where you got them done. Tell them you did them yourself and they’ll be amazed.

4. Prevention

Prevention truly is always better than cure, and this is the premise of the prevention-based beauty treatments that are currently a big trend. Ingestible beauty treatments that include skin-enhancing capsules and digestive enzymes and supplements are currently popular among the online crowd. Keeping this in mind, it’s advisable to read the reviews of any product before you try it out along with the 87% of consumers who, in 2020, read online reviews for local businesses. This was an increase of 81% since 2019 and it’s clear that reviews are important tools for the discerning shopper.

5. Fragrances

Gone are the days when fragrances simply served the purpose of helping you smell good. Currently, there’s a beauty trend that aims to revolutionize perfumes and fragrances as we know them. Now, fragrances have a big part to play in holistic medicine because they can be used to make someone feel calm, help them feel more grounded, or even give them a boost of energy. You can pair the functional fragrance of your choice with a treatment like professional waxing services. This last was used four or more times within six months by 6.97 million Americans in 2019.

You can take your pick of these beauty trends according to your current needs. Keep an open mind and you have a good chance of discovering something that will change the way you look and feel!