Top 5 DIY Home Improvements To Keep You in Shape

Apart from giving you an amazing new space, home improvements can also help you to stay in good shape. Some will have more effect than others, so it’s up to you to choose the intensity you want. Here are five of them to give you a good idea.

1. Service Your Appliances

The appliances you have in your home play a major role as far as comfort and convenience goes. To do their job perfectly and safely, you need to make sure that they’re in good shape at all times. Note that nearly 34% of fires in home clothes dryers are a result of failing to clean the vents of the dryer. The accumulated dirt and debris can ignite easily as it’s generally dry fibers from clothes, which are flammable. Minimize the risk of this and similar occurrences by servicing your home’s appliances on a regular basis, something that will also see you stretch a bit.

2. Add More Storage

If the storage needs of your home have increased over time, it’s advisable for you to add more storage. One of the ways in which you can do this easily is to put up corner shelves. You simply need to look at some instructions online and get to work cutting and then hanging the shelves. Apart from serving the function of increasing storage in your home, these shelves will also serve an aesthetic purpose. The energy you will spend cutting them and holding them in place can serve as a good workout for some core muscles. It’s also something that you can replicate for different rooms around the house.

3. Replace Damaged and Missing Siding

If your home has suffered weather damage or it’s a natural case of wear and tear that has led to missing or damaged siding on your home’s exterior, you should replace it. This will boost your home’s curb appeal and also help stop the damage from spreading. Homeowners who want to boost their curb appeal tend to make replacements with similar materials, something that’s good for vinyl siding. Currently, there’s a wider selection available in terms of colors, profiles, and products made to resist impact and moisture damage, provide energy efficiency if they’re insulated, and withstand both sun and winds of up to 210 mph.

4. Paint the Walls

Your home’s walls may stand to benefit from a fresh coat of paint if it’s been a while since you painted them. Take time to paint them and enjoy the fresh look as well as the full-body workout that you will get from doing so. Pick a calm, neutral color that you will enjoy having on your walls for a long time, and that will bode well with potential home buyers. Since the paint will dry fast enough, you can enjoy being in your house throughout the process. Look for ideas on how to paint well online and you should be able to do a decent job all by yourself.

5. Fix Your Plumbing

The plumbing in your home is another possible project you might consider taking on. Check to find out whether there are any leaks around your house so you can fix them and save the water you were losing through them. If there are any faulty fixtures, a trusted wrench should make it easy to change them with new ones. The tools you will need can all be found at your local hardware store, so this will be an easy enough project to take on. Up to 13.7% of water used is a result of leaks, according to Plumbing Manufacturers International. This shows that you can use water more efficiently around your home if you take the time to fix leaks.

To successfully take on the projects outlined above, you should ensure that you have all the necessary supplies at hand before you start. This will make it easier to do a thorough job.