Top 5 Home Improvements That Will Keep You in Shape

If you’re thinking of getting in shape and also need to make some improvements to your home, why not hit these two birds with one stone? Read on to see five home improvements that you can take on to stay in good shape and end up with a gorgeous space to boot.

1. Remodeling the Deck

If you happen to be one of the 60% of homeowners who don’t use their outdoor space often, mainly because of inadequate or total lack of shelter from the elements, then this is an upgrade to consider. Since you will likely be moving around heavy pieces of outdoor furniture and handling different types of equipment, you will be sure to build some muscle after some working on your deck for some length of time. You can ask willing friends and family for some help so you have a nice time while at it, and you will likely enjoy the end results of your combined effort. As a plus, you will have an amazing place to relax when all is done!

2. Painting

Painting your home will involve lifting heavy cans of paint, opening them, and moving your whole body in different ways while you work. This is going to result in a full-body workout that will get you toned as you will exercise muscles you may not have used in a while. If you feel energized enough, you can paint the whole house instead of just a single room. This will have the effect of a thorough cardio workout and may just give you the motivation you need to get on a regular workout regimen.

3. Gardening

Gardening and landscaping are other home improvement projects that will not only get you moving but will also allow you to enjoy spending time outdoors productively. It’s a fact that 90% of Americans prefer to live in homes that are surrounded by grass lawns, so get yours in good shape alongside yourself. From mowing the lawn to pruning trees and even introducing features to your landscape, there are many things you can do outdoors to improve the space. Starting a garden will set you up for a regular burst of activity each day as you will need to maintain it, so it could be an amazing upgrade to make to your home.

4. Upgrading Your Storage

Over time, the storage that your home originally came with may become inadequate for your needs, so it’s going to be a great idea to upgrade it. From the kitchen to the bathrooms and even the basement and garage, there are many spaces in the home that could use a storage space upgrade. Mark all these spots and then plan to improve the storage options available. This may take a while to get done, so don’t be in a rush to complete the whole job. Take as long as you need and you won’t strain in the process, but will get amazing storage and some toning.

5. Deep Cleaning

Every home needs to be deep cleaned regularly to put the fresh smell back in it, so spare time to do this and you will also build some muscle in the process if you do it yourself. Don’t be one of the 70% of people who use furniture to cover stains around the house instead of simply taking the time to clean them up. Set aside time regularly to clean your house at a deeper level than normal so you can get all the dirt out and enjoy living in an amazingly refreshed space.

These top five home improvements will help you stay in good shape and you won’t have to stress over missing a gym date or two. Add them to your calendar and enjoy the variety of benefits that follow!