Upgrades to Consider For Your New Home

Building or buying a new home allows you to select the finishes, features, and upgrades that best reflect your personality and style. We recommend upgrades that increase your home’s resale value and boost its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Check out our now-or-never list: home upgrades that add value to your daily life and increase your resale value.

1. Kitchen Countertops

Countertops are a crucial aspect of your kitchen’s function and style. According to NKBA’s 2018-19 Kitchen and Bath Market Outlook survey, kitchen cabinetry and countertops accounted for about 24% and 18% of kitchens’ retail market, respectively. Visually, countertops make a good statement, and physically, they have to withstand spills, food prep, frequent cleaning, and craft time.

Choose a material like quartz for your countertops because it offers a fresh look and makes your kitchen easier to maintain and more functional. Quartz countertops are easier to clean, too.

2. Premium Flooring

You’ll spend most of your time in the master bath and kitchen, and they’re the areas that potential buyers want first to check when buying your house. So, choose flooring upgrades that add the most value. Invest in elegant ceramic tiles or laminate flooring for your kitchen. Laminate flooring is readily available in various finishes and is affordable and durable.

Choose a larger tile for your bath or have it staggered for an expensive designer appeal. You don’t have to upgrade your carpeting, but upgrade the padding to make your carpet feel more luxurious and comfy. If you have a two-story home, standard stairs typically need carpet over plywood. You can upgrade them to wood to make the best statement. That gives your home a more elegant look and increases its resale value.

3. Zero-Threshold Showers

Zero-threshold showers are advantageous if you’re building or buying your ‘forever” home to enjoy indefinitely. Their installation is, albeit intensive and costly, but it’s a worthy investment. Zero-threshold showers are both stylish and practical, too.

4. Recessed Lighting

Sufficient lighting in the house is essential for your delight and comfort and adds warmth and an inviting feeling to your home. Select light fixtures that fit your style but ensure all the wiring is done to avoid a considerable expense and bigger mess afterward.

Consider investing in window tints, too. Home window tint can reduce your cooling costs by about 30%. Invest in lighting your home, especially the master bath and kitchen. Preferably, install both side and overhead lighting like sconces in your bathroom.

5. Insulation

Insulation adds a relaxing experience by reducing the amount of heat getting into your house. Insulation prevents heat from exiting and entering your home thus maintaining an optimal temperature. Insulate your walls, floors, and roof to close the gaps where air might pass through.

During the winter season, heat flows from warm to cold areas — warm air inside escapes outside. During summer, heat from outside tends to come into the house. Proper insulation saves on your energy bill since it reduces the air conditioning expenses.

6. Heating and Cooling

Split-system air conditioners are the best choice for Alabama’s fickle weather. AC accounts for about 27% of home energy use in humid and hot climates in Alabama. Choose a high-efficiency AC with higher energy rates. It will increase your resale value and save you from super costly repair and energy bills later.

7. Decks and Patios

A deck is the simplest way to increase your resale value. Add a little lighting and furniture for a flexible space where you can play and work. Timber is expensive, and wood deck might look like a splurge, but they add resale value to your property. Alternatively, composite decking is eco-friendly and durable and adds resale value too.

Closing Remarks

Home upgrades make your home feel and look glamorous and add its resale value. Choose the best upgrades that fit your budget. Don’t fear trying something trendy. Start your new home upgrade now.