What Careers Will Help Keep Me Fit?

What if you could combine a career with your fitness goals? There are a surprising number of careers that can help you stay on your fitness path just by showing up to work. Here are five careers that will help you stay on track with your fitness routine.


Landscapers are tasked with taking care of outdoor areas for businesses and residential properties. As a landscaper, you will absolutely get your steps in each and every day. There can be some heavy lifting with landscaping that also can help you stay on track with your fitness goals. You will move around a lot as a landscaper. As a bonus, you get to be outside most of the time.

Construction Laborer

A construction laborer is a broad position that can work in many different areas of construction. For example, you could work as a laborer for an excavation company. An excavation company is defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as any company that does “earthwork” like digging trenches, shafts, wells, tunnels, or underground workings. As a laborer in this capacity, you will likely have to carry equipment, dig areas out by hand and perform other duties that can help to keep your fitness level up.

In all construction-type jobs there is a project manager that oversees all parts of the project including hiring laborers and supervising them, according to the Department of Labor. The project manager keeps everything moving and ensures that the project stays on budget.

You can work as a laborer for a wide range of construction industries and get all the exercise that you need. Construction work is very physical work that is sure to keep you on track with your fitness goals.

Bike Courier

Many cities use bike couriers to send items back and forth to different offices. Working as a bike courier will certainly ensure you keep your fitness up. Biking around your city is a great job if you are looking for ways to parlay your career into part of your fitness journey.

Personal Trainer

If you are a fitness nut, why not design a career that keeps you in the gym for as many hours as possible each day? It is not difficult to become a personal trainer. You can become a licensed personal trainer in about six months. This career move will provide you with a way to make an income while you do something that you love and help other people reach their fitness goals.


Firefighters are basically paid to stay fit. Fitness to perform the duties is one of the requirements of being a firefighter. Firefighters have to physically train as part of the job. They need to lift a certain amount of weight, run, and perform other fitness tests to keep their jobs. The schedule is flexible, and gym time is encouraged.

You Can Work On Oil Rig

The Gulf Of Mexico employs anywhere between 10,000-12,500 workers. Working on an oil rig can be a great support for your fitness goals. There is a lot of physical labor involved in working on an oil rig. You will be on the move quite a bit and getting plenty of cardio in.

Join The Military

Every branch of the military service has a fitness program that each member is expected to participate in. Exceptional fitness is rewarded in the military. Military members are regularly tested on their fitness level to ensure they are “fight ready”. If you love to work out and excel in fitness activities, the military may be the right career for you. It is one of the few career fields where you get paid to work out and stay fit.

There are plenty of jobs out there that not only encourage fitness but being fit is rewarded. Finding a career that focuses on the importance of physical health can make it feel like you are not really working at all.