What Drivers Need to Know About Automobile Repair

The automotive repair industry is giant, with dealerships last year writing more than 310 million repair orders, and services, parts, and manufacturing costing more than $116 billion. That’s quite a bit of money being spent, but it is necessary to keep vehicles running smoothly. Below is everything you need to know about the automobile repair process and how a solid understanding of it allows drivers to find compatible repair services.

Business is Lost Due To Unreported Accidents

For customers, unreported accidents might not be the best choice. Many people choose to not report an accident to avoid a rate increase on their insurance or because they don’t want to be held liable for the cost of repairs. However, by not reporting the accident, customers often don’t realize that their vehicles may need to be repaired and are missing out on important service. You can also later be sued for damages even if you paid ‘out of pocket’ to the other party. It’s always best to report accidents to your insurance.

According to the NHTSA, an estimated 10 million crashes or more aren’t reported each year. For many businesses, such as manufacturing plants, auto mechanic shops, and body shops, these unreported accidents can mean a large loss of business. Auto repair shops are particularly affected as people who have been in an accident may not be aware that they need to get their vehicles serviced. This means lost revenue for auto repair shops, as potential customers are unaware of the need for service.

Professional Auto Technicians are in High Demand

Due to the complexity of modern vehicles, professional auto technicians are in high demand. With 75% of auto repair customers being everyday household customers, most people who need repairs don’t have the knowledge or tools to do it themselves. This means they are tasked with hiring professional auto technicians.

Auto technicians need to be well-versed in all areas of repair, such as the manufacturing of parts, electronic and mechanical systems, and the diagnostic process. This requires a lot of technical knowledge and often times auto technicians have to complete continuing education courses to stay abreast of emerging technologies.

Safety is Paramount in Automobile Repair

Safety is a major factor when it comes to automobile repair. Not only are auto technicians responsible for ensuring that vehicles are repaired properly, but they must also make sure that the job is completed with safety as a priority. Mechanics need to be aware of potential hazards and must be trained in the proper use of tools and equipment. They should also have knowledge of relevant safety regulations and standards in order to protect their customers, themselves, and others on the road. In addition, customers should also understand the dangers of attempting to repair a vehicle without the proper knowledge or tools. It’s always best to bring a vehicle to a professional mechanic, who is trained and certified to do the job.

Innovation is Key In Automotive Repair

Today’s cars are becoming increasingly complex due to new technology such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous features. As such, automotive repair shops must stay ahead of the curve in order to correctly diagnose and repair modern vehicles. This means investing in cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, training technicians in the newest technologies, and staying up to date on new regulations. For people that have relied on the same mechanic for years, it is important to make sure they are up-to-date on the latest automotive technologies. Doing so can ensure that your vehicle is repaired properly and safely.

Auto repairs work within an industry that requires innovation and safety at its core. Customers should always report accidents to ensure they are getting proper repairs and remaining safe on the road. Businesses must stay ahead of the curve in order to remain competitive and provide their customers with the best possible service. By understanding all aspects of automobile repair, drivers can succeed at finding quality service that keeps them safe.